My latest work:


In this phase we decide what kind of video is right for your needs. Below are some commonly requested formats.


Next we take those ideas and breathe them to life. Here we break out the cameras and shoot your video.


Finally, your product is delivered in the format of your choosing. Videos can be delivered through Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, and most social media platforms.

-My Work-


Telling the story of you, your business, or your product can be done effectively through a documentary. The documentary has never been more popular or engaging to an audience. Here I tell the story of Sam, a student athlete building a tiny home inside a school bus. 


Whether it be a PSA, testimonial, or informative speech, the interview is the perfect way to establish a direct link between you and your target audience. Here I sit down with former NFL Films producer Bob Angelo as he discusses what makes a good producer. 


It has never been easier to generate some buzz online for a new product or service. Through a video promo we can showcase a product, what it does, how its used, and why a viewer should become a customer, all in 60 seconds or less. This is a promo for the WrapUp Case, a new innovation for combat sport athletes. 

Music Video

If you're a musician, artist, or composer, showcasing your work through video is crucial in today's online age. A visual representation of your music adds another lay of depth to your craft. This can be achieved through special effects, story-telling, live performances, and more. Here is a music video for the song KRUGER by Pittsburgh artist Nick O.